We get a lot of questions and we have a lot of answers

  • How should we dress?

    Informal dress code, if you want to take a dip, remember the swimsuit!
  • How many seats does the boat have?

    It depends on the type of boat. We have boats suitable for couples, families, groups of friends or groups of tourists. For larger groups, we can use several boats that will travel together.
    • The luxury boats accommodate 6 people while 10 for the Venetian wooden boat.
    • On average, the other boats can accommodate 25 people each.
    • We also have larger boats with a capacity of 55 people.
  • Does the tour include stops?

    It depends on the type of tour you take. Some tours have stops, others don't, but with a customised tour you can choose what you most like.
    With a customised tour you can choose what you want, but with a rental tour, the stops are at your discretion.
  • Can we add stops?

    Yes. If you book a personalised tour, you can choose both the stages and the stops
  • Can we start from a different harbour than Sirmione’s old town?

    Yes. We can dock at any harbour of Lake Garda, and also from private piers, for example hotels, villas or restaurants piers.
  • Do you have extras that can be added?

    Yes. We have a wide choice of optional extras to make your sailing experience even more enjoyable. When booking, you can choose from an ice cooler, beach towels, water, soft drinks, wine, fresh fruit, finger-food, flowers and a cake. Whatever your choice is, you'll find everything on board.
  • Does the boat have a captain?

    Yes. Our captains are at your disposal to help you discover the most fascinating places on our lake.
  • How is the boat?

    You can see all the photos of our boats in the fleet section of our website. Ours is the largest fleet on Lake Garda, making us able to satisfy every kind of request.
  • What if there is bad weather?

    If weather conditions do not permit navigation, you will have 24 hours from the scheduled departure time to change your reservation or request a refund.
  • Are you open all year round?

    Yes. We are operational through all summer and winter.
  • Are there problems for pregnant women?

    No. Pregnant women are not in any danger on board.
  • Are there problems for young children?

    No. Children are not at risk on board.
  • Where can we leave the stroller?

    You can either keep it with you on the boat or leave it at the harbour where it will be looked after by our staff.
  • Can we take a bath?

    Yes. There are beautiful places to take a dip.
  • Does the boat go fast?

    If you want to experience the thrill of a motorboat ride, your captain will be happy to do it.
  • Is there safety equipment on the boat?

    Yes. Each boat is equipped with life jackets, first aid kit and anti Covid-19 kit.
  • Does the tour take place by boat?

    Yes. The best way to enjoy Lake Garda!
  • Are dogs allowed on board?

    Yes. Your four-legged friends are welcome on board as long as they are well-mannered.

    If you choose to participate in one of our scheduled tours, there will also be other people on board with you. Some of them may be afraid, but unfortunately this is out of our control.
  • Do the boats have a stereo system?

    Yes. All the boats have stereo systems and speakers that you can connect to directly via Bluetooth.
  • Do the boats have a microphone?

    Yes. Some boats are equipped with a microphone. If you need it, mention it when you make your reservation and we'll have it on board.
  • How early do I have to arrive?

    10 minutes early will be enough to check in.

    Please note that during high season (July and August) Sirmione may be very crowded and you may have some difficulties in finding parking. In any case, the whole peninsula is beautiful to cross even on foot.
  • Shall I drive the boat?

    Only in case of charter.

    Tour boats are driven by our captains.

    Rental boats allow customers to drive without a licence as their engine has only 40HP.
    Our team is ready to give you all the necessary instruction so that you can enjoy your experience on Lake Garda.
  • How old do I have to be to drive the charter boat?

    21. If, on the other hand, you have a nautical licence, you only need  to be 18.
  • How many people can board a charter boat?

    7. Our boats are approved for seven seats.
  • Can I take the children with me?

    Yes. Children are always welcomed and can experience this excitement with you, they will be delighted. It is important, although not required by law, that they always wear life jackets. You can reserve them together with the boat at no extra cost.
  • Can I bring my phone?

    Yes. The phone must be on board for the whole time. In the event of an emergency, such as a sudden change in weather conditions, we must be able to contact you.
  • Can I water ski or tow games?

    No. It is forbidden to water ski or do any other towing if less than 500 metres from the coast and if you do not have a licence.
  • How are charter boats equipped?

    All charter boats have the legally required safety equipment and are equipped with:

    • mooring ropes
    • anchor
    • wings
    • boat hooks
    • life jackets
    Also standard on our fleet, as standard:

    • sun canopy
    • stereo system with AUX input
    • 12V USB socket 
  • How clean and sanitised are your boats?

    Our boats are sanitised after each use with sanitising products
  • Where can I go with the rented boat? Where can I moor?

    Our team will give you all the information you need for navigation and mooring, as well as suggest interesting itineraries depending on the date of your charter.

    Mooring in harbours is only allowed in the temporary mooring areas.

    It is forbidden to:
    • sail from less than 300 metres from the coast
    • approach beaches
    • navigate in the waters of the Province of Trento
  • How do I book?

    Booking is easy, simply by completing the enquiry on our website or by coming to our offices during opening hours.
    For weekend and high season rentals, we recommend booking in advance.
  • What documents are needed?

    A valid ID or equivalent document.
    A security deposit of €300 is required for rentals.
  • Do prices include insurance, fuel and taxes?

    Yes. The prices shown include VAT, liability insurance and fuel (if specified).
  • How early do I have to arrive?

    10 minutes. In order to respect the departure time and to facilitate the boat delivery procedures, clients are requested to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the rental.
  • What happens if I return late?

    It depends. If the delivery is delayed because of the driver, a fee will be due:

    • for a period of up to 1 hour, one hour rent
    • for a period of more than one hour and up to 4 hours, half the daily price.
  • Can I go near the coast? Can I go to the beach?

    Yes and No. Approaching the coast is allowed: with a perpendicular course and a speed not exceeding 3 KN // 5 Km/h. Though it is forbidden to land or anchor near beaches.
  • How far should I be from the coast?

    It is forbidden to sail: less than 300 metres from the coast, near beaches and in the waters of the Province of Trento.
  • Who should I give precedence to?

    Priority shall be given to
    • boats coming from the right
    • sailing boats
    • boats used for public transport.
  • Red buoys with a flag: what does it mean?

    Divers. Floating buoys with a red flag and a white diagonal stripe indicate the presence of a diver. The minimum distance to be kept is 100 metres.
  • What do I do in case of sudden bad weather?

    In the event of sudden bad weather, it is mandatory to wear life jackets and return immediately to either the departure harbour or the nearest sheltered harbour.
  • What do I do in case of failure or malfunction?

    It is best if you stop and contact us by phone; if near the coast, make sure not to get too close, then drop the anchor.
  • What happens if the driver has been drinking?

    It is prohibited to drive a boat after consuming alcohol or drugs. Driving under the influence of alcohol (above 0.0) or drugs is punishable by a fine of €2,755 to €15,000.